Our Vision

Wellness for Everyone!

Our Mission

To promote recovery & wellness by providing consumer-driven behavioral healthcare services.


Anchorage Community Mental Health Services, Inc. (ACMHS) has been the largest community mental health provider in the state of Alaska since 1974. Our mission is to promote recovery and wellness by providing consumer-driven behavioral health care services to the people of Anchorage and surrounding area. Consumer driven means our consumers are choosing their own healthcare and the path to the road to recovery.

We serve children who are severely emotionally disturbed and adults with severe mental illness. Every day there are stories of children and adults getting better and overcoming the impact of mental illness on their lives. Recovery is possible.

In addition to providing direct care supports for individuals of any age, ACMHS staff and volunteers join with the individuals who choose our programs to advocate for fair and equitable treatment. The stigma about mental illness and addiction is real and the road to recovery is more challenging due to general misperceptions and prejudices. ACMHS Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and consumers are committed to ending the stigma and celebrating the contributions of all Anchorage area residents.