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Student Opportunities

2018 Bulletin

Student Opportunities and guidelines for Internship Placement with

Anchorage Community Mental Health Services

ACMHS provides practicum placement and supervised clinical training for approximately 4-6 graduate and undergraduate students each year.

Currently, our available student slots are in the following programs:

Manager Program  Slot Details
Kristen Mortenson Child & Family Services: Little Tykes Undergrad slot and Graduate slot; Social work or Psychology; weekdays 9a-1p.
Chris Mortenson Child & Family Services: Transitional Age Youth, Parenting with Love and Limits, and Seeds of Change Undergrad slot and Graduate slot; Social work or Psychology
Miyuki Sato Adult Intake Undergrad slot or Graduate slot; Social work or Psychology
Victor Spence Adult Services Undergrad slot and Graduate slot; Social work or Psychology

For program information, Faculty and Students may refer http://www.acmhs.com/.

  • Eligibility
    • Applications are currently only being considered for students enrolled in a program that has a signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with ACMHS.
      • Currently these programs include only:
        • UAA Department of Psychology
        • UAA School of Social Work
  • Timeline
    • Please allow at least 30 days for internship placement, after completed ACMHS Student Intern application, resume and transcript copy have been turned into ACMHS.
  • Placement
    • Due to limited availability of appropriate internship opportunities within ACMHS, internship placement is not guaranteed.
    • Applicants with a greater number of completed clinical courses are more competitive for our clinical internships.
  • Procedure
    • Students may contact the ACMHS Manager of the Program of interest to obtain information about the Program, and overall internship duties and responsibilities. This is not an interview.
    • To apply, Students must turn in a completed ACMHS Student Intern application, resume and transcript copy to ACMHS Human Resources.
    • Once the application is processed, if an appropriate placement is available, the ACMHS Manager will contact the student to schedule a formal interview.
  • Requirements
    • ACMHS in-person trainings scheduled during normal business hours are required as part of the placement.
    • After an offer for placement has been made, fingerprinting is required at the cost of the student.
  • Contact Information
    • For an application: email Joanna Marshall, PQI and Training Manager, jmarshall@acmhs.com.
    • For questions: call Dave Reeves or Joanna Marshall at 563-1000