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To promote recovery & wellness by providing consumer-driven behavioral healthcare services.

Student Opportunities

2018 Bulletin

Student Opportunities and guidelines for Internship Placement with

Anchorage Community Mental Health Services

ACMHS provides practicum placement and supervised clinical training for approximately 4-6 graduate and undergraduate students each year.

Currently, our available student slots are in the following programs:

Manager Program  Slot Details
Kristen Mortenson Child & Family Services: Little Tykes Undergrad slot and Graduate slot; Social work or Psychology; weekdays 9a-1p.
Chris Mortenson Child & Family Services: Transitional Age Youth, Parenting with Love and Limits, and Seeds of Change Undergrad slot and Graduate slot; Social work or Psychology
Miyuki Sato Adult Intake Undergrad slot or Graduate slot; Social work or Psychology
Victor Spence Adult Services Undergrad slot and Graduate slot; Social work or Psychology

For program information, Faculty and Students may refer http://www.acmhs.com/.

  • Eligibility
    • Applications are currently only being considered for students enrolled in a program that has a signed Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with ACMHS.
      • Currently these programs include only:
        • UAA Department of Psychology
        • UAA School of Social Work
  • Timeline
    • Please allow at least 30 days for internship placement, after completed ACMHS Student Intern application, resume and transcript copy have been turned into ACMHS.
  • Placement
    • Due to limited availability of appropriate internship opportunities within ACMHS, internship placement is not guaranteed.
    • Applicants with a greater number of completed clinical courses are more competitive for our clinical internships.
  • Procedure
    • Students may contact the ACMHS Manager of the Program of interest to obtain information about the Program, and overall internship duties and responsibilities. This is not an interview.
    • To apply, Students must turn in a completed ACMHS Student Intern application, resume and transcript copy to ACMHS Human Resources.
    • Once the application is processed, if an appropriate placement is available, the ACMHS Manager will contact the student to schedule a formal interview.
  • Requirements
    • ACMHS in-person trainings scheduled during normal business hours are required as part of the placement.
    • After an offer for placement has been made, fingerprinting is required at the cost of the student.
  • Contact Information
    • For an application: email Joanna Marshall, PQI and Training Manager, jmarshall@acmhs.com.
    • For questions: call Dave Reeves or Joanna Marshall at 563-1000