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To promote recovery & wellness by providing consumer-driven behavioral healthcare services.

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Rise Vocational Services

Recovery from severe mental illness is not only possible, but it is the goal for all participants in our youth and adult programs.  

While recovery looks different for everyone, gainful employment is a component of living in recovery.


Adult Programs
Supported Employment (SE) has been an element of ACMHS services for many years and remains a priority. By history, ACMHS has focused primarily on SE for adults, and has currently expanded the program to include Transition Age Youth, (TAY) through our AK Seeds of Change project. This project is a social enterprise that provides behavioral health supports and vocational training to youth aging out of the foster care system or institutionalization. ACMHS vocational services have included a strong peer support model and this continues to be a focus point for the TAY and Adult programs.

The ACMHS SE program utilizes the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model which will integrate employment services with mental health. In addition ACMHS SE also offers assistance with self-employment options and Financial and Work Incentive Counseling Services for consumers.

IPS core principles of our SE program:
• Every consumer who wants to work is eligible;
• Competitive jobs are the primary goal of supported employment;
• Supported employment services are integrated with comprehensive mental health treatment;
• Financial and Work Incentive Benefit Counseling is offered to every consumer;
• Job placements happen when the individual believes that they are ready;
• Employment specialists (job coaches) receive extensive training in SE and developing relationships with businesses and other employment opportunities; and
• Consumers receive job supports for as long as required.


Transition Age Youth Programs

Similarly to the SE Vocational Program for Adults, the TAY PETS program focuses on the empowering value of employment in an individual’s life. To accomplish this, our program provides comprehensive assessments, pre-vocational skill development, job training, job placement, job coaching and post vocational services. After graduating from the TAY PETS program, the youth will possess the knowledge and skills necessary for basic employment readiness. All relevant staff working with youth or adults will complete a baseline vocational training, and other specialized trainings