Rise Vocational Services

Recovery from severe mental illness is not only possible, but it is the goal for all participants in our youth and adult programs.  

While recovery looks different for everyone, gainful employment is a component of living in recovery.


Adult Programs

Supported Employment (SE) has been an element of ACMHS services for many years and remains a priority. All RISE staff members have National Certification in Employment Services and have extensive training in Customized Employment.  In addition, RISE SE offers assistance with self-employment options, developing PASS plans and Financial and Work Incentive Counseling Services for consumers.

The ACMHS RISE program has become an Employment Network (EN) for the Social Security Administration. This will enable us to help consumers on Social Security benefits (SSI or SSDI) to return to work using the Ticket to Work program without losing benefits.

Transition Age Youth Programs

By history, ACMHS has focused primarily on SE for adults and has now expanded the program to include Transition Age Youth (TAY) through our Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) program. Similarly to the SE Vocational Program for Adults, the TAY Pre-Employment Transition Services program focuses on the empowering value of employment in an individual’s life. This program is a partnership with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and the Anchorage School District.  The Pre-ETS program works with students having various disabilities exploring career options and learning job readiness skills. The RISE staff also supervises students while on a 40 hour paid work experience in the community. We currently serve two high schools in the Pre-ETS program while also teaching Alaska Host training (Customer Service) at other area high schools.