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To promote recovery & wellness by providing consumer-driven behavioral healthcare services.

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Day Break Expansion Campaign

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Day Break has expanded.  With your generous support, Day Break has built an addition to the building that includes a commercial kitchen and has doubled the number of members that we can serve daily.

Day Break adult Day Services was established in 1982 to serve persons with dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders (ADRD) in a social model adult day setting. In the past, Day Break has expanded its program to meet the increasing needs of those with ADRD in our community and their caregivers.

The Day Break addition added over 3,000 square feet to the existing building, including a dining area, commercial grade kitchen, additional restrooms and other amenities. This kitchen expansion allows our members who enjoy cooking to participate in the food preparation.  Several studies have shown that individuals with progressive dementia who continue to practice learned skills, such as food preparation and baking, slow the progression of  disease and memory loss.

Thank you to the Rasmuson Foundation, the State of Alaska, the Municipality of Anchorage, Carlile Transportation Systems and YOU!

For more information about how you can help Day Break to grow, contact the Community Relations Office at (907) 261-5395 or info@acmhs.com.