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Day Break Adult Day Services

No one has to cope with Alzheimer’s Disease alone.

Adult ServicesDay Break adult Day Services was established in 1982 to serve persons with dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders (ADRD) in a social model adult day setting. Priority for enrollment is for those with some degree of dementia (impaired memory, orientation, judgment, etc.). Older adults who are socially isolated, need help during the day or are unsafe to be left alone are also eligible as space is available.

The focus is to provide personalized care with the goal of enhancing quality of life for both the member and their family or caregivers. Activities are the foundation of the care we provide. Our staff design activities based on individual desires, needs and abilities with the outcome being day programming that provides care with a personal touch.
Medical Services
Activities include:

  • Daily exercises
  • Music/singing
  • Health monitoring
  • Outings to places of interest
  • Movies/visual entertainment
  • Crafts
  • Daily social activities
  • And more!

The mission of Day Break is to provide adult day services for individuals to age in place and provide information, support, education and referral services.

It keeps Mom’s mind active. She says she feels needed there and has a sense of purpose.” – Family Member

Learn more about Day Break and all we offer by calling (907) 346-2234 or email us at daybreak@acmhs.com. Please call to set up an appointment to visit and tour our facility.  Day Break is located at 9210 Jupiter Drive, at the corner of SW corner of Jupiter Drive and Abbott Road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Day Break Adult Day Care (7)

Families are encouraged to call 346-2234 to set up a visit and an enrollment meeting.

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Individuals who are in need of the following are eligible:

  • Assistance and supervision due to physical, emotional or cognitive impairments, such as those who require:
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
    • Health monitoring and supervision on a regular basis
    • Assistance overcoming difficulties associated with functional limitation or disabilities
    • Support making transitions between living situations
    • Support while receiving other therapeutic interventions, and/or
    • Without program intervention, are at risk of physical deterioration or institutionalization.
  • Persons 60 years of age or older; or
  • Persons of any age who have Alzheimer’s Disease or a Related Disorder; or
  • Other persons determined appropriate for the provision of services based on other criteria set by Day Break

Who is not eligible for services?

  • Medical conditions that are beyond the professional expertise of the staff
  • Bedfast or too weak to attend on a regular basis
  • Continually requiring a two person or more assist with transfers
  • Actively infected with a communicable disease
  • Emotional or behavioral disorders that include a pattern of disruptive behaviors that pose a danger to others
  • Abusive use of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Too independent to benefit from adult day activities

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Private Pay: The State of Alaska, Division of Senior and Disability Services provides Day Break a grant for Adult Day Services. This grant enables Day Break to offer Adult Day Services to members who live at home and are paying for services privately a discounted rate through a sliding fee scale. This payment for services is based on income. The rate is established with the ACMHS Financial Intake Specialist, according to the ACMHS Board approved sliding fee scale.

Medicaid CHOICE Waiver: We also receive reimbursement for Adult Day Services for individuals approved for and who are eligible through the Medicaid CHOICE Waiver (MCW) program.

VA: We have a contract through the Veteran’s Administration (VA) to serve Veteran’s who have been approved and referred by the VA. This is coordinated through the VA Social Worker.

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Nellie Johansson Foundation

The Nellie Johanson Fund was established in 1984 to raise money to help fund Day Break. The Fund was named for Mrs. Johanson because of her tireless work in our community to establish a mental health program for the elderly.

Mrs. Johanson and her husband Ed came to Alaska in the 1930s from Idaho. Before moving to Anchorage the couple mined gold in the Talkeetna area. Her concern for the elderly helped bring forward the need for adult day care.

Regrettably Mrs. Johanson died the year before Day Break opened, however, gifts to Day Break can still be made through the Nellie Johanson Memorial Fund by sending contributions to ACMHS, 4020 Folker St., Anchorage, AK 99508 and note that this is a contribution for the Nellie Johanson Fund.

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