Consumer Driven Services

ACMHS Consumer Driven Services, LLC is a consumer/peer-run organization operating several programs under a separate Board of Directors and managed by individuals in recovery.

Research has shown that consumer/peer-run services complement traditional mental health services and have better outcomes. Individuals who live with mental illness and are in recovery relate better and offer more authentic empathy and validation to those diagnosed with mental illness, as they find each other equal in their relationships.

The employees of the new company are people in recovery from various mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bi-polar, anxiety disorder and co-occurring disorders (mental illness and alcohol and/or addictions).

The setting is flexible and informal and the approach of the program is non-medical. The philosophy of “Each One, Teach One” brings people together to share skills with each other. This is the place where members find hope and belief that recovery is possible for anyone diagnosed with a mental illness or co-occurring disorder. The members are totally involved in running the center and work in teams such as clerical, food services, facilities/environment, membership, education, advocacy, social/recreation and employment.

CDS Programs:

The Wellness Innovations Center is a place for people in mental health recovery to support each other in moving forward. Members run The WIC, answer the phones, prepare lunch, plan menus, shop for food, eat lunch together, lead groups and arrange for trips. They have fun. What happens at The Wellness Innovations Center is up to you. People become members who are interested in cooperative work amongst people in recovery and taking a responsible role in the greater community. Each member who masters a skill teaches a new member that skill so that recovery is shared.

If you would like to visit or join us for lunch, please contact The WIC Reception Desk at 762-8665.

The WIC is open Monday through Friday in The Tudor Building of Anchorage Community Mental Health Services at 2735 E. Tudor Road. Lunch is served on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.