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To promote recovery & wellness by providing consumer-driven behavioral healthcare services.

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Transitional Age Youth Program

Alaska Seeds of Change

Alaska Seeds of Change is a vocational and life skills training program for Transitional Age youth aging out of Foster Care or other programs who will benefit from additional life skills training and behavioral health services.

Alaska Seeds of Change is also a for-profit indoor hydroponic greenhouse providing fresh greens and herbs in Anchorage all year long.  The program employees youth who are aging out of care programs and are preparing to join our community as productive and employable adults.

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Alaska Youth Advocates

Alaska Youth Advocates (AYA) offers the chance for a healthier life to young people who have little or no family support, often have quit school, may suffer from abuse or addiction, and have no place to go but the streets. Through the POWER Teen Center and Health Clinic in downtown Anchorage, AYA reaches out to youth, offering a caring environment and information that can help them make good decisions in their lives. At AYA young people who have overcome their own challenges learn how to help others by becoming peer counselors

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Bring the Kids Home – Youth in Transition Project

The Bring the Kids Home initiative was designed to address and reduce the number of Alaska children being treated and institutionalized out of state. The Youth in Transition Project aims to assist youth/young adult’s transition into the community from residential psychiatric care. The ACMHS Bring the Kids Home staff coordinate with other service providers in Anchorage to identify resources that can be used to assist youth in transition to have the level of services and supports necessary to assure reduced institutionalization and increased community tenure. This program operates supported housing for up to four transitional aged youth at any one time.


This program is funded, in part by Bring the Kids Home funds provided by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority.