Our Vision

Wellness for Everyone!

Our Mission

To promote recovery & wellness by providing consumer-driven behavioral healthcare services.

Institutional Discharge Program

The Institutional Discharge Program (IDP) focuses on adult consumers who are severely mentally ill and are unable to successfully reside outside an institutional setting. IDP works closely with Department of Corrections and The Mental Health Court in order to help the consumers be successful when they are released or in the court system. IDP focuses on teaching the skills and basic pro-social behaviors to consumers in order to function positively in our community. The IDP team is committed to their clients. They have daily clinical team meetings in order to review every caseload.

Services include:

  • Case Management
  • Skill building
  • Individual Therapy
  • Groups

IDP holds many different groups to help consumers reenter our Community:

  • Moral Reconation Therapy: this is a group treatment strategy that seeks to decrease “institutional thinking” by increasing moral reasoning.
  • MICA: This group focuses on Mentally Ill, Chemically Addicted adults.
  • Wise Ways: This group teaches healthy skills on how to live a healthy and happy life with a mental illness.