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To promote recovery & wellness by providing consumer-driven behavioral healthcare services.

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Adult Services

Adult Team – provides a wide range of psychotherapy for Seriously Mentally Ill and other clients. Specialty areas include grief and loss, addictions, relationships and trauma.  This team specializes in providing case management and skills development to adults who experience severe mental illness or co-existing disabilities such as mental illness and substance abuse disorders, developmental or physical disabilities. Case Managers operate on a ‘strengths’ based’ approach focusing on insuring basic needs are met, skill building and linking consumers to services and community supports than enhance recovery from mental illness.

Institutional Discharge Program – The Institutional Discharge Program (IDP) is an assertive case management, treatment, support, and rehabilitation program whose target population is clients who have been unable to successfully reside outside of an institutional setting.

Housing and Engagement Services – focus on the identification, engagement, case management, rehabilitation and housing services for persons who are homeless, or cycle frequently through API or the correctional system, and experience a severe mental illness or a co-occurring substance use disorder. Each program focuses on a different level and type of service that is designed to be individualized in order to meet each consumer’s current and future needs.

ACMHS assess all Seriously Mentally Ill clients through an intake process, based on their needs and functionality. The Intake process is required so we can place future clients into the appropriate team that will best meet treatment needs. For questions on the Intake Process call (907) 563-1000.

For more information on Adult Services call Dave Reeves, Director of Adult Services at (907) 562-7900.