What kind of activities do you have?

Day Break focuses on keeping the members active, we are a social model and have a therapeutic activity based schedule Monday through Friday. Activities include events which stimulate the mind, the body and the spirit. Staff work together as a team and with members to develop activities that are meaningful and promote both cognitive and physical well-being. Below are listed just a sample of the many activities that we participate in and their benefits:

  • Active games (bowling, balloon volleyball, croquet): Physical wellness, opportunity to increase body awareness, feeling of being in control, enjoyment in participation, being a team member.
  • BINGO: Fun, remembered past activity of enjoyment, cognitive stimulation, opportunity to increase attention span, excitement, being a part of a group of peers.
  • Crafts and Hobbies: Stimulus for creativity, sense of purpose and accomplishment, joy in the process and the completed project, validation, feeling needed, pride display of past life talents.
  • Exercise/Fitness: Physical wellness, increased body awareness, feeling in control, sense of accomplishment, awareness of positive outcomes, general well being.
  • Cooking/Baking: Sensory stimulation, cognitive challenges, joy in past life roles, sense of purpose and accomplishment, reminisce, pride in the process and finished product, opportunity to share with others and to reinforce hospitality abilities.
  • News and Views: Intellectual stimulation, feeling “in the know”, participation in a familiar past activity, opportunity to share opinions.

As weather and road conditions permit, we enjoy going on outings in our community. Some examples are recycling to the recycling center, walking group, which helps to keep us physically fit. Some other outing activities include going to the Alaska Zoo, the Anchorage Museum, Fur Rondy events, baseball games, and other Anchorage events and activities. We are always open to new activities and create them based on the interests of our members.

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