Why choose a large housing project like the Long House?

The Trust, Anchorage Homeless Coalition and other partners have worked extensively with our colleagues in Seattle and Duluth, MN on the right size for a project.  Anchorage has numerous units of housing that are mixed into the community market rentals and many smaller 8 and 12-plex developments.  We do not have the larger size housing programs like Evans House in Seattle and the New San Marco in Duluth (each 75 units per program- an industry standard ‘outside’).  Housing partners have agreed that 75 is too large for the population size of this state for the time being.  In the future Anchorage may move up to 75 units as we develop more experience with the existing programs.

There are currently 2 programs operating as supported housing for slightly different populations, however, using the same housing pro forma and program design elements:

  • Karluk Manor in Anchorage – 46 units of supported housing
  • Tanana Chiefs Conference in Fairbanks – the Fairbanks Housing First Project – 47 units of housing first co-located with a 52 unit hotel providing rooms for people traveling to Fairbanks for medical services and the general community.

The Trust has worked with these two programs to plan, finance and implement the programs used on site.  The Trust and Alaska Housing Finance Corporation are conducting a formal evaluation through the UAA Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies to replicate the evaluation conducted on the Seattle program (published in the Journal of the American Medical Assn in April 2009.


Two other communities are planning similar projects – Juneau and Nome.