Our Vision

Wellness for Everyone!

Our Mission

To promote recovery & wellness by providing consumer-driven behavioral healthcare services.

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Who is the Trust?

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority is a state corporation that administers the Alaska Mental Health Trust, a perpetual trust managed on behalf of Trust beneficiaries. The Trust operates much like a private foundation, using its resources to ensure that Alaska has a comprehensive integrated mental health program to serve Trust beneficiaries.

The goal is to serve as a catalyst for change and improvement in Alaska’s mental health continuum of care. To accomplish this, The Trust funds projects and activities that promote long-term system change, including capacity building, demonstration projects, funding partnerships, rural-project technical assistance, and other activities that will improve the lives and circumstances of Trust beneficiaries.

We frequently shorten our name to simply “The Trust.” We capitalize both words to indicate that this is the only organizati

Vision and Mission

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority administers the Mental Health Trust to improve the lives of beneficiaries. Trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to protect and enhance trust assets in perpetuity for the beneficiaries. The Trust provides leadership in advocacy, planning, implementing and funding of a Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program and acts as a catalyst for change.

Trust Duties

  • Enhance and protect The Trust.
  • Provide leadership in advocacy, planning, implementing, and funding of a Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program.
  • Propose a budget for Alaska’s Comprehensive Integrated Mental Health Program.
  • Coordinate with state agencies about programs and services that affect beneficiaries.
  • Report to the Legislature, the governor and the public about The Trust’s activities.

on of its kind in Alaska dedicated to assisting those who experience mental illness, developmental disabilities, chronic alcoholism, and Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. The Trust is also an appropriate name because of the trust placed in our Board of Trustees to manage the assets of the corporation on behalf of Trust beneficiaries.