Who are people with ‘mental illness’?

  1. Examples of diagnosis based on the Alaska Statutory definition (AS 47.30.056(d):

i.    Schizophrenia

ii.    Delusional (paranoid) disorder

iii.    Mood disorders

iv.    Anxiety disorders

v.    Somatoform disorders

vi.    Organic mental disorders

vii.    Personality disorders

viii.    Dissociative disorders

ix.    Other psychotic or severe and persistent mental disorders manifested by behavioral changes and symptoms of comparable severity to those manifested by persons with mental disorders listed in this subsection

x.    Persons who have been diagnosed by a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, or physician licensed to practice medicine in the state and, as a result of the diagnosis, have been determined to have a disorder manifested by behaviors or symptoms suggesting risk of developing a mental disorder listed in this subsection.