What makes a ‘housing first program’ successful?

  • Housing first is a voluntary program and builds on a philosophy that the opportunity to secure safe housing is a right that all of us enjoy rather than a condition of participating in a social service program or treatment.
  • Screening of residents is an important component of successful community housing.
  • Tenants pay rent and hold leases just as in any housing arrangement. All rights and responsibilities of the lease are upheld by tenants.
  • Tenants are encouraged and actively engaged by staff to work on areas of their life that have been neglected or require more assistance. Daily discussion and assertive engagement normally occurs.
  • Tenants are able to leave the building as they need or desire. Many residents take advantage of community resources for daily activities and even vocational assistance leading to employment for some. There is a central desk monitoring the comings and goings of the housing.
  • House rules, visitor policies and methods such as safe living plans (voluntarily agreed upon by tenant and landlord) are used to maintain the safety and order of the facility.