How is housing a part of ACMHS?

Housing and engagement services began at ACMHS in the mid-1980s with the acquisition of foreclosed property through Alaska State Housing Authority (now AHFC) with advocacy from the State Division of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (now the Division of Behavioral Health) on behalf of their grantees – service providers like ACMHS – to be used to house individuals with mental illness and developmental disabilities.

ACMHS received its first US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).   grant in 1993.  Since 1993, ACMHS has received grants from HUD.  Additional funders include State of Alaska and the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and United Way of Anchorage for housing, homeless, and outreach services.   We provide services to the mentally ill in Anchorage through a variety of programs.  Outreach to camps and shelters works to engage individuals, assess behavioral health needs, assist in accessing services and transitioning individuals to safe, affordable and accommodating Housing.

ACMHS currently has extensive “Scattered site” housing for consumers through apartment rental in the community but not with staff and resources located in the same building.  ACMHS currently has over 200 of these units being supported by case managers who have to drive to each location. The proposed project allows ACMHS to have staff available 24 hours a day at one location.