ACMHS/FCMHS Quarterly Update

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Improving Care by Improving Morale

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Residential Team helps clients work toward independent living

Lunch with the Residential Team By Stephanie Rhoades, ACMHS Board Member There's a little place in Anchorage where lunch is served every Wednesday and Friday in a setting so intimate and secure that one diner spoke openly of feeling depressed from being so far away from his family and the positive steps he took to address that feeling, steps outlined in his personal safety plan.  The day I … Read More

ACMHS Leadership Update, June 2018

Leadership Changes at ACMHS, June 2018 Update By Jessica Cochran, Executive Coordinator CEO Jim Myers has been at ACMHS for 6 months now, and CEO for 5 of them.  Leadership consultant Don Tebbe calls this the “Post-Hire-Taking -Charge phase”, and says it lasts for 6 to 12 months, often through a complete annual budget cycle. But he goes on to say that “taking charge is a two-way street that … Read More

ACMHS Announces new CEO Jim Myers, MBA

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Military Family Child Program

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