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Alaskan Advanced Trauma Training Institute

2016 Alaskan Advanced Trauma Training Institute

April 18-21

Anchorage Alaska

Location: Embassy Suites, 600 East Benson, Anchorage Alaska

April 18th Martin Teicher, MD., Ph.D.

Impact of Childhood Maltreatment on Mental and Physical Wellbeing.  New Insights from Brain Science into Mechanisms, Treatments and Means of Fostering Resilience.

April 19th  Christopher Blodgett, Ph.D., and Patrick Sidmore, MSW

Morning Session:  Dr. Blodgett

From ACEs to Action: How Treatment Systems Can Help Create a Community Resilience Revolution.

Afternoon Session:  Pat Sidmore MSW

Is there Anything New We Can Learn from ACE Research: taking a deep dive into Alaska’s ACE numbers and how they might be used to inform practice and policy.

April 20th-April 21st  Breakout Track

There will be two breakout tracks, one focusing on treating adults and one focusing on treating children.  Participants should plan on attending both days in the same track.

Adult Treatment Track  Joesph Spinazzola, Ph.D.

Components Based Psychotherapy for Adults with Complex Trauma Histories.  The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute’s Emerging Model for Adult Trauma Treatment.

Child Treatment Track Kristin Mortenson, M.S., LPC

Treating Complex Childhood Trauma: Targeting the Building Blocks of Resiliency.  The ARC Treatment Framework.

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