ACMHS/FCMHS Consumer Update


August 29, 2017

ACMHS/FCMHS Staff would like to make consumers aware of two clarifications to our policies that may be noticeable during visits to our facilities.

1) The ACMHS/FCMHS Medical Departments are following the generally accepted Standard of Care for clients receiving medications. This means that prescriptions will not be renewed without lab work (or other needed tests) and attendance at follow up appointments. This is essential to protect patient health. In addition, for any patients who are unable to make medical decisions on their own, the full and active participation of their surrogate decision-makers will be required at medical appointments.

2)  Service Animal Policy. Beginning October 1, ACMHS/FCMHS will implement a new policy regarding Service Animals and other pets in all facilities. Only trained Service Animals will be allowed in facilities, unless a client’s treatment team has specifically met and agreed to allow his/her other pet. ANY animal who is misbehaving (urinating, destroying company property, acting aggressively toward people or other animals) will be asked to leave, whether or not they previously had permission to be in the building.

ACMHS/FCMHS continually strives to uphold a high standard of care and improve safety for our clients and staff. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.




8.29.17 Consumer Update