Our Vision

Wellness for Everyone!

Our Mission

To promote recovery & wellness by providing consumer-driven behavioral healthcare services.

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Mission, Vision and Values

The ACMHS Vision: Wellness for Everyone!

The ACMHS Mission:
To promote recovery and wellness by providing consumer-driven behavioral health care services.


WE BELIEVE in the potential of the people we serve, and our values will guide the realization of that potential.


WHAT WE DO is carry out our mission in good faith to achieve our vision for the people we serve in harmony with our values.

Our Values in Action


What We Value: We value the wellness of our community.
What We Believe: The people we serve must experience positive inclusion and full citizenship in a community that encourages recovery and wellness.
What We Do: We work to eliminate discrimination against those we serve, to provide opportunities for work and meaningful roles in the community, and to create a network of social supportive relationships.


What We Value: We value opportunities for participation in programs, activities and services that support recovery and wellness.
What We Believe: The diverse individuals we serve are the heart of our business and deserve all necessary treatment in an atmosphere of dignity and respect..
What We Do: Ensure that our policies and practices provide opportunities for recovery for every person we serve.


What We Value: We value person-focus relationships with the people we serve.
What We Believe: Relationships are built on the four cornerstones of Hope, Respect, Dignity and Empowerment.
What We Do: Engage in collaborative relationships with those we serve to assist them in directing their own lives.


What We Value:  We value the highest levels of integrity in carrying out our Mission and Vision.
What We Believe: We best honor those we serve and each other by careful adherence to the highest professional, clinical, ethical, moral, and legal standards, and by providing the best possible customer service.
What We Do: Our board, management, staff, volunteers, independent contractors, students, and affili- ates adhere to all federal, state, and local laws relating to the provision of behavioral health care services, detecting and preventing fraud and abuse, and privacy. We practice the highest professional, clinical, and ethical standards in all manner of business and human interactions, both internally and externally, to move us continually toward fulfillment our Mission and Vision.


What We Value:  We value the identification of needs and the achievement of desired outcomes of the individuals and families we serve.
What We Believe: We believe in the hope of recovery and wellness for those in acute crisis or experiencing long-term difficulties.
What We Do: We help and empower individuals and families to identify needs and desired outcomes and help achieve those outcomes by providing an accommodating environment and assistance with social interactions.


 What We Value: We value the personal growth of those we serve toward a self-determined, high-life in the community.
What We Believe: Recovery and wellness reach far beyond mere survival and are parts of a process that moves a person toward the goal of self-realization.
What We Do: We facilitate recovery as an active process that promotes acceptance, change, personal responsibility, achievement of potential and optimal growth for the individuals and families we serve.